It’s a pleasure! – A Poem

It’s a pleasure;

to love you like my heart is conducive to phenomenal pain,

and to mourn like recovery will eventually unfold

Calibrating the rose tints of my glasses,

I choke on the colors I couldn’t afford


It is a pleasure. Indeed.

What else is to be lost? 

We have lost possibilities, maybe a million of them. 

Few years. 

Strands of black hair, here and there

Some lovers and some stories

But, it’s a pleasure.

Yesterday, the sky fell into the ocean 

and I couldn’t tell what was what. 

Both blue. Both agile. Both trapped. 

You see, this is what happens 

when love falls into hands that are too full, 

that they can’t hold all of you 

You can’t tell what is what

What is pain. What is love. 

Both wholesome enough to hold on

So, I do. 

It’s a struggle. A constant struggle.

But, it’s a pleasure.

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