I Hide

I can break a rhyme in two and show you where I bleed 
I feel I must warn you — 
I hide a shushed world between these few words

I hide a letter I didn’t write, but had every intention to
I hide each of those times when strange people on busy streets and rickety subways reminded me just how good we could have had it
I hide the voices in my all-believing head
and the silences that empty each of my nights
I hide the pillows I keep on the colder side of my bed, and the urges I have to fight
I hide a bold confession, and a meek “I love you”
I hide a tell-all song, and an obscure couplet

Let me put it this way — 
The nights I do not reach you with a dispassionate “hello” disguising my longing to hold you, are the nights I write a trembling poem

And, if or when ,
you would want to know what all I keep in my verses and all that I keep giving away
I will break a rhyme in two for you and show you where I bleed, 
or where I stitch time and time again

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