Abhivyakti Singh

Hello there!

I am beyond grateful to have you here. I am a millennial writer and poet and have been writing for over a decade now. My first ‘serious’ writing piece was a handwritten young adult novel that I wrote when I was thirteen. It still sits on my bookshelf, and I will continue to save it as the reminder of a beautiful start of an exhausting passion.

Initially, I did know what to do with what I could do. I recognised I had a natural inclination toward storytelling and could construct sentences reasonably. But I never perceived where it should lead from there.

Hence, I did it all. I blogged, wrote periodicals. I briefly wrote for theatre. Gradually, I began sharing some of my work on social media. I submitted several of my pieces to magazines and publishers but never had an endearing success rate. I was at sea for a long time, and eventually took up a position I was not as passionate about because I still did not understand how to go about the whole ‘writing’ thing. I started scraping for time and would write after work. Soon enough, I began writing at work and proceeded to share more of my poems and articles online.  

Slowly gathering perspective, I submitted my poems again and quit my day job to pursue writing professionally. Initially, I started off being a freelancer. It was fun; I wasn’t complaining. The work I would get was right up my alley, and I quite enjoyed doing that. But, something obscure would still nag me. I figured it was the thrill of sharing my work with readers directly that made me giddy about writing, and working behind a shadow was not supporting my cause. I considered blogging again, and after a few days of thought into it, I unexpectedly came across people who were interested in getting my work out.

It has been a whirlwind of an adventure since. To grow up practising and nourishing a skill set that one never develops a thorough pride and confidence toward is emotionally draining but in the end, immensely gratifying. It is a rather beautiful and exciting misery to live with. We all have our vices after all! 

This website is a labour of love, and an attempt to create a wonderfully positive and exciting space to spend some time at. I sincerely hope that you find something of relevance going through my blogs or my maiden poetry collection. In case, you have already read it and have something to say, do drop in a message. I would love to hear from you. I also send out a weekly newsletter covering all the exciting highlights of the past week in writing, lifestyle and self-care. To receive the same, please be sure to subscribe here .

I hope we become of phenomenal consequence to each other.

Love always