The poetic pieces from Cobalt dive deep into the psyche of an individual who is making peace with wild passion and its consequences.

The below poems are dated journal entries from the book.

While ‘Roots‘ calls on to the tired urban soul to knock home, ‘Like the scent of summer‘ comes from someone ruthlessly charmed and enamoured by young love.

In specks of hope and with a tremendous flair for self-preservation. The dramatic pieces in the book, celebrate healing and emotional redemption with hyperbole, lessons and elan.


It is a small town; I hope I run into you.

You can show me your scars, I can show you mine. You can tell me about your battles, I will tell you about the wars I fight. It has been a long time dear friend, our games in the dirt have left us far.

I heard there are cities you travel to, big and crowded — Nobody looks up to greet or asks how you are; There are bills in the basket, along with postcards from home; You don’t read them, fearing what you might already know.

So, come back dear friend. You might have outgrown this town.

But this town never outgrew you.

Like the scent of summer

We will calm the rumble outside and ask him to visit another day; We will stop the cars on the road and lock the dogs inside;

We will put the children to bed early and lovers will be warned not to sigh.

your laughter is what the winds must carry.